Cadastral & Boundary

Cadastral & Boundary


Midland Surveying, Inc. routinely provides cadastral and boundary surveys of all sizes and complexities for state and local agencies and private land owners throughout the Midwest, as well as for large federal contracts with the United States Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Through this experience, we have gained first-hand knowledge of the local characteristics in many regions of the country. Cadastral and boundary projects have been successfully completed through various contracts in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and South Dakota. These projects represent a wide geographic range and their locations vary from highly developed urban areas to extremely remote rural areas. 

Midland Surveying, Inc. has provided boundary and cadastral survey services for numerous statewide, on-call surveying contracts with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) in Iowa, Missouri and Kansas, the Missouri Department of Transportation and Missouri Department of Conservation. 

Midland Surveying has maintained active contracts with one or more of these agencies since 2005. Midland Surveying’s philosophy is that all good surveys must start with good research. Our professional staff and field surveyors are accustom to completing thorough and complex searches for relevant information relating to all projects. Research is often conducted in the courthouse of the County in which the property is located but can include numerous other sources including State Land Survey Programs and record archives, departments of transportation, the National Geodetic Survey, railroads, private surveyors in the area, and many other sources depending on the location of the project.  

Professional Land Surveyors with Midland Surveying, Inc. have surveyed thousands of miles of section boundaries in the firm’s 44 year history and filed over 5,000 government land corner documents.

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