Jan 30, 2018 | News

MARYVILLE, MO, January 30, 2018 – David has a B.S. in Biology and has been with Midland Engineering/Midland Surveying since 1979. He began his career as a Survey Assistant, was promoted to Construction Inspector, and then Field Surveyor, a position he has held for 26 years. Dave is a valuable member of the Midland Surveying team, having learned the basic principles of land surveying before the development of GPS, Robotic Total Stations, Scanners, and Drones. His experience in the survey profession spans 39 years and has contributed to the success of our firm today.

Outside of work, Dave can be found in his garden or picking apples from his many trees. He mostly enjoys fishing with and teaching to the sport to other young anglers and his colleagues. His annual trip to Canada is all you need to know about his passion for the sport! He hopes to one-day experience salt water fishing. Although fishing is a passion of Dave’s, his wife Kathy of 40 years is the one necessity he could not live without.