Airfield Obstruction Survey

Airfield Obstruction Survey
airport obstruction survey

Davison Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir, VA and Pentagon Heliport, Washington D.C.

USACE, Omaha District




Airport Obstruction


Project Overview

This project consisted of completing a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airfield Obstruction Survey for the United States Army Aeronautical Services Agency (USAASA) to submit to the FAA for re-certification. Davison Army Airfield had one Class A IFR fixed wing runway and one VFR rotary wing runway that were surveyed for analysis. The Pentagon Helipad had one limited use pentagonal shaped VFR helipad that was surveyed for analysis.


Field survey work was completed by Midland Surveying and consisted of verifying existing Geodetic Control at the facilities using methodology that ensured the horizontal and vertical accuracies of surveyed features met the minimum feature-specific accuracies per Appendix B, Accuracy Requirements, located in Exhibit 2.1, Airfield Obstruction Survey and Obstruction Evaluation Criteria for Army Airfields. Field surveys included locating the normal threshold and displaced threshold positions for the fixed wing runway and normal thresholds and the centerline of the rotary wing runway and helipad, all electronic and visual NAVAIDS, and all known and potential obstructions to the airspace.

Midland staff worked with Lamp Rynearson and Associates to develop the airspace models for the fixed wing and rotary wing runways and helipads per the specifications noted in Exhibit 2.1 and UFC-3-260-1. Once the airspace had been developed, an analysis was completed to determine which obstructions penetrated the airspace. Airfield Obstruction Charts were then developed and spatial and attribute information was entered into Spatial Data Standards, Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE) compliant geodatabase.

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