Waste Water Improvements

Waste Water Improvements

Sedalia, MO
City of Sedalia, MO and Olsson & Associates
Topographic Survey
Cadastral & Boundary Survey


The City of Sedalia, MO is one of seven (7) cities in Missouri that has a combined sewer system. Sedalia continuously strives to update their system to ensure the City complies with the Clean Water Act to reduce water pollution through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).


Midland Surveying, working as a sub-consultant for Olsson Associates, was responsible for approximately 8.5 miles of topography and boundary collection for a city wide sewer rehab project. Topographic limits extended 50' beyond the platted right-of-way and to include the next connecting utility feature beyond the right-of-way.

Utility locates were coordinated and meetings arranged by Midland Surveying personnel. Feature data including pipe size, material type, flow direction, invert data was collected on 240 sanitary sewer structures, 200 storm sewer structures, 2 under-ground storm tunnels, water, telephone, fiber optic, electric, and gas. Sanitary and storm sewer pipe conditions were existent based upon prior work completed by affiliate company, Midland GIS Solutions. 

Horizontal and vertical data was mapped at the designated quality level of 0.01' of a foot.  Digital progress drawings, including topographic and boundary information, were provided weekly to the client to aid in their ongoing engineering design and utility relocation.  All task covered under PLS License were completed by Midland Surveying before releasing the project to those professionals holding a PE License.

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