Statewide Cadastral Services

Statewide Cadastral Services

State of Kansas
Kansas Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
Contract No. AG-6216-C-07-0003
Cadastral & Boundary


In 2007, Midland Surveying was selected based upon qualifications by the Kansas NRCS to provide cadastral surveys throughout the state of Kansas, primarily for the purpose of establishing boundaries for Wetlands and Grassland Reserve Program Easements and Flood Plain Easements. The project period was one (1) base year with options to extend for four (4) additional years. All four options to extend the contract have been exercised. To date, over 110 individual sites located in 40 different counties, and awarded under multiple task orders, have been surveyed. Total fees awarded under this contract are $1,237,000. While completing those projects, Midland Surveying has filed more than 350 certified corner certificates with the State of Kansas, surveyed an estimated 200 miles of public land system boundary, and monumented (posted) a similar amount of newly created easement boundary.


Project requirements for task orders typically include referencing all surveys to the National Spatial Reference System by utilizing static GPS observations of existing first or second order NGS control monuments. In cases where NGS control did not exist within four (4) miles of the project site, control was established using two hour observation sessions processed by the On-Line Positioning User Service (OPUS).  Each individual survey required extensive land record research at the county level and also at the state level through the Kansas Historical Society to obtain the necessary deed records, prior survey records, and records of the original government survey required to correctly retrace the property boundary.

Each individual project required the recovery and/or re-establishment of original government corners and the filing of corner restoration documents in accordance with Kansas Survey Standards. Projects also required the monumentation of property boundaries and the posting of property boundary lines in accordance with Kansas Survey Standards and the survey requirements specified by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Upon completion, the results of the surveys were published on Plats of Surveys completed in accordance with Kansas Survey Standards and filed for record in the counties in which the properties were located. Land Corner Documents were filed with the Kansas Historical Society as required by Kansas law.

Each project required extensive communication between the Project Managers assigned by NRCS, the individual property owners and personnel of Midland Surveying, Inc. in order to meet the aggressive schedules dictated by NRCS. It was necessary for Midland Surveying to place multiple crews on the project simultaneously in order to meet project deadlines.  Field work on the various projects was completed using a combination of static and RTK GPS methods and conventional total station equipment.

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