Right-of-Way and Survey Services

Right-of-Way and Survey Services

Sibley, MO to Nebraska City, NE
Transource (Kansas City Power & Light)
Cadastral & Boundary
Topographic Survey


In May 2013, Midland Surveying was selected by Transource to provide land surveying services for the construction of an overhead transmission line stretching 135 miles from Sibley, MO to Nebraska City, NE. Midland Surveying was responsible for 78 miles of the total project from the Missouri River near Corning, Missouri to the Kansas City Power & Light Substation in Sibley, Missouri.


Phase I - of the project included completing an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey of the proposed new substation location and establishing a geodetic control network for our portion of the project. The geodetic control network was completed using a combination of Rapid Static and Static GPS observations.  The network was then post-processed using Spectrum Survey.  Upon completion, sixty (60) monuments (either existing or new monuments constructed by Midland Surveying) were included in the network.

Phase II - consisted of governmental sectional breakdown and individual parcel easement plats. A large majority of this project was within the counties of Midland’s home office coverage base in northwest Missouri. Access to more than 40 years of our firm’s private survey records greatly increased our proficiency with sectional breakdown.  

We did however search the county and state records for archived surveys completed prior to our company’s existence and other surveys of record not completed by our company.  At peak times, up to four (4) field survey crews were dedicated to this phase.  Midland’s four (4) Missouri licensed land surveyors assisted with sectional breakdowns to meet aggressive project deadlines.

Phase III - included topographic surveys of four (4) proposed laydown areas and rough staking of the easement right-of-way. Topographic surveys were completed by Midland Surveying as a subcontractor to Kenny Construction.  Easement right-of-way staking was completed in accordance with AutoCAD file provided by Transource and project flagging matrix.  Right-of-ways were staked for clearing, fence construction, road crossing, culvert installation, wetlands, and bat habitats.

Phase IV - the final phase, consisted of structure layout.  Due to the specific accuracy requirements of the client, this phase was completed using a combination of GPS equipment and electronic total stations.  All structures and offsets were staked and marked with a wooden hub and tack.  At peak project times, up to three (3) field survey crews were dedicated to this phase. As of March 2, 2016 Midland Surveying had completed all primary responsibilities for the project. We are still used as an on-call provider for re-staking and structure moves.

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