Cemetery Survey & Date Collection

Cemetery Survey & Date Collection

Andrew County, Missouri
Bennett Lane Cemetery Board
Cadastral & Boundary


Midland Surveying, Inc. was selected by Bennett Land Cemetery Board and Andrew County Commissioners to conduct a boundary survey and collect GIS data for Bennett Lane Cemetery located in Andrew County, Missouri.


Phase I - of the project involved an exterior boundary survey of the cemetery property, including the installation of survey monuments at the property corners. Simultaneously, a search was completed for survey monuments at cemetery block corners. Field data was reviewed by a Professional Land Surveyor and a detailed map of the Bennett Lane Cemetery was reestablished in a digital format.

Phase II - included the GPS collection of data at 2,784 individual plots. The client requested first name; middle initial; last name; birth date; death date; addition name, lot, & block number; and a digital picture of each plot and headstone.  This data was cross-referenced with cemetery records.  Cemetery plots were color coded based upon their occupancy (i.e. closed, sold, or available).  Data discrepancies were resolved by accepting the factual headstone data identified during the project for each cemetery plot. All data was collected for geodetic referencing.

Midland GIS Solutions currently maintains and hosts Andrew County’s countywide GIS data, and Phase III of this project was the development of an independent GIS website for the cemetery. Midland GIS assisted with this phase, and today, Bennett Lane has the ability to internally edit and maintain their GIS data on a secure website that is hosted by Midland GIS Solutions. The project can be viewed at https://bennettlane.integritygis.com

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